5 Reasons Your Brand Should Consider An Influencer Marketing Campaign

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“Influencer marketing” seems to be on the tip of every marketer’s tongue this year…But what IS influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key, industry leaders to drive your brand’s message. This is often done by using social media, and content marketing.

Simply put, It can open up a ton of new opportunities for brands to infiltrate their target audiences social media feeds more directly, and organically. Below, we outline the 5 reasons why your brand should consider an Influencer Marketing Campaign.

  1. It’s Native – Influencer marketing is different than traditional advertising, which interrupts user experience. Native advertising can put your brand’s services and products within organic content. According to MDG Advertising*, 70% of internet users want to learn about a product through content rather than traditional advertising.
  2. It’s Trackable – Every website visit, social like, and picture posted online can be stored, and analyzed yielding specific data that can help you report ROI for your brand’s efforts.
  3. It Helps Your SEO – Influencer marketing helps your brand get talked about more. The more people that mention your brand online, the more popular you will be on Google.
  4. It comes with credibility – Teaming your brand up with the right influencer often means that you’re getting a trusted, and established voice in your market saying that your products and services are worth buying.
  5. It’s Targeted – When you’re paying an influencer to post about your brand, you aren’t just buying reach and exposure…you’re buying targeted reach and exposure. You’ve identified a voice that can your target audience knows, trusts, and wants to believe.

Influencer marketing is gaining in popularity. If your brand needs help creating an Influencer campaign, contact us. We can find the right influencers for your brand,  and increase your word of mouth presence immediately.

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