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The Hardman Group is a business-to-business marketing agency that has earned a reputation for achieving quantifiable results. By placing a strong emphasis on knowing every aspect of our clients’ operations, we create research-based, strategic marketing campaigns that truly speak to your customers’ needs.

We’re pretty straightforward around here, but don’t let that fool you. We love what we do, and we have fun doing it. We just don’t waste your time with cute and clever. Unless, of course, cute and clever will increase your brand awareness or grow your business. The research we do means there’s a purpose behind everything we do.

Mike has 30+ years of experience in marketing, advertising, and brand activation. He has extensive expertise in consumer behavior research and strategic business. He has studied the intimacies of tailor-made communications plans, providing him with a background that spans across a broad spectrum of business sectors.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Hillsdale College and his MBA in Marketing from the University of Toledo, and has completed graduate coursework at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He’s been published in several marketing journals and textbooks, including the Journal of Promotion Management and Marketing in the 21st Century, Volume 4 , and holds US patent D369,711 for a unique merchandising design created for one of his clients. In addition, Mike has lectured on buyer behavior at The University of Akron’s College of Business Administration.

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