Will You Keep Your Brand Promise?

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It’s February. Have you kept your New Years resolutions?
One resolution we, as brand marketers, need to keep in order to be successful is our brand promise. Last August, I went through the four Brand Attributes, of which your brand promise is one.
And it’s an important one.
Your promise represents the benefits your brand communicates to your customer. Because it sets expectations, we must deliver upon that promise, every day. If we say our promise is to invent, then we need to be on the cusp of innovation. Customers buy products (really, they buy brands) based in large part due to what the brand promises to give them, so your brand promise is really about aligning your actions with customer expectations.
This isn’t just true for business-to-consumer products. For example, one of my clients is a business-to-business food manufacturer. One of their specialties is creating private label products for grocery store chains. Our brand promise is that we’ll give you products that are not only of the highest quality but also that will compete against — that will outsell — the national brands. We deliver on this promise through strategic packaging and relationship selling. We then track our sales to see if we’ve met our goals. If not, we adjust.
Does your brand have a promise? Do you know what it is and if you’re delivering? Call me. We can help.

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