The “Why” to Integrating Marketing Messaging

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In today’s marketing arena, an integrated strategy can give you a big advantage. Whether you have a strategy or not, you are likely using multiple channels — and if not, your competitors are. Companies that focus on omnichannel customer engagement grow faster than those who don’t.

The benefits of integrated marketing include:

  1. Memorability — The messages you deliver across channels are more effective when they are unified. The number of ads we see per day in 2022 is up to 10,000, so we’re more likely to remember the ones that make a consistent impression and appear on multiple platforms.
  2. Efficiency — With an integration plan, you can repurpose content and streamline production and distribution schedules. Internal assets and communications can also be streamlined. You can attach campaigns more purposefully to larger business objectives instead of relying on scattered and duplicated projects across departments with incompatible metrics.
  3. Loyalty — An important component of integrated marketing is understanding and responding to customers. People like to know what to expect. Customers keep coming back to a brand that provides a reliable positive experience at every encounter.

Integrating marketing works in tandem with public relations, corporate communications, media relations, and other common outlets for marketing messaging. It’s impossible to ignore these other forms of communication and the many ways that consumers might encounter a brand.

After all, consumer expectations have been shaped by the multiple channels they use on a daily basis. Customers learn in new ways and do their own research. They want to interact with brands in different ways and find content that is relevant to their unique needs and tastes. It can be a huge challenge for companies to manage this customer data and respond to it efficiently. With a game plan in place, your company can show up on the field the way it needs to.

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