Successful Brands Empower Their Employees

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We just launched a new brand strategy for VISION EASE, a Minnesota-based ophthalmic lens manufacturer. The external launch took place at a major trade event as part of our strategy to influence our valued trade partners.

In revitalizing the brand, we continued to build upon the established values of VISION EASE and the emotional connection it already has with its customers, but we’re articulating the brand meaning and promise in refreshing and exciting ways. To empower our employees, we’ve initiated a progressive change management program that will help ensure both their understanding and their deployment of this new brand strategy.

We understand how important measurement is when executing a strategy like this for VISION EASE. And we know the questions to ask to determine success, so we presented the brand concept to the employees in order to establish some benchmarks. According to SurveyMonkey, more than 70% of marketers struggle with measuring the impact of their branding campaigns because they measure the wrong metrics. That’s where we come in. We know what to ask.

We gauged their commitment to areas like company purpose, brand promise, and customer approach. We also asked for comments about the brand purpose and, in doing so, we empowered VISION EASE employees (without whom there would be no company nor brand) to give their opinion.

Good leaders are enthusiastic about their cause. By defining a solid change management plan, we determine metrics that help us measure our success. Only by measuring our internal employee reaction in addition to the traditional external customer can we be truly effective. We must work as hard inside as we do out.

In the end, we’ll have excited and engaged employees. And we’ll have an even stronger brand.

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