Purell: A Case Study In Strategy

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Adweek recently published an article on the PURELL brand’s success. We played a role in its early success, and it’s exciting to see the brand sustain its effectiveness.

PURELL’s parent company is GOJO, who produces products for healthy skin and on-the-go hygiene solutions. A privately owned company, GOJO is a global leader in hygiene production and marketing.

Our challenge involved grocery shopping: research showed that one of the biggest complaints about grocery stores was that they’re dirty. Many stores had wipes at their entrance, but most consumers felt that they were being told to wipe their hands because they’re about to enter a dirty store.

We came up with a messaging change and found that it laid the foundation for success. We put PURELL wipes at the entrance with a sign that told consumers that  grocery employees used PURELL wipes, so you can trust that we’re clean — our clean store starts here.

If we had only focused on tactics, we might have dismissed the wipe dispenser and missed out on this opportunity to fulfill a brand promise. By looking at research and thinking strategically, however, we were able to adjust and produce results. This is one small example of what we do, and the fact that PURELL continues to be a trusted brand shows how important one small example can be.

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