Managing the Creative Process

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Many companies out there promise to drive down the cost of doing business. And some probably do. But I think there are some basic steps agencies can take to help keep their projects on time and on budget. Namely, they should develop a strategic brand map.

I’ve written at length what a strategic brand map can accomplish for the brand itself, but noting that it can also help the actual creative process is important. In short, it keeps everyone on the same page by providing the brand’s key attributes in one place. This can be especially vital when a client has different agencies working on different communication channels. Truly successful brands produce cohesion throughout all of their channels: public relations, advertising, brand activation, social media, etc.

People often and erroneously believe that they must create something new for each communication channel; however, the opposite is actually true. If you make an advertising claim, the same claim in the same language should be made in all other channels. A brand map helps guides people, helps them stay on task. This helps the overall creative process stay on time and on budget.

Do you need help creating this brand map? Call me.

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