Find Your Brand Essence

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The word essence represents the qualities that define something. It’s the nature of the being. We’ve been talking about defining the qualities — what I call attributes — that make our brand what it is. Understanding your brand’s attributes helps you connect with both its functional and its emotional benefits. But the real meaning comes when you understand the motivation behind the purchase —that’s what your brand should connect with the most.

Brand essence is about the core brand value.
Without knowing what our brand represents, we cannot make healthy, strategic decisions about communication tactics. Everything we do, as marketers, must be measured against our brand essence.

How do we get to our brand’s core?
We go through a means-end analysis that gets to the heart of what is really most important. For example, let’s take a bank. What we really want is for our bank to respect that it’s taking care of our money, money we’ve worked hard to save, money we’ve entrusted to it for safekeeping. Look at any consumer product, and ask yourself, is it about the quality of the ingredients or is it about what the brand says about you, the consumer?

Defining this essence is what we do here at the Hardman Group. It’s what I love about marketing. If you’re looking to create an authentic brand, give me a call.

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