A new brand strategy means change

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The fact is, when created properly, your brand strategy provides support and direction for your business.

It tells you what your company’s position in the industry is, relative to your competitors, and what makes it different from the rest.

With the right personality, expression, value proposition, and core essence that you identify for your brand, you can make it more relevant for both your organization and prospective customers. However,  managing a change in your brand strategy can be difficult to manage. It can be predictable or unexpected and occur gradually or all at once.

“The reality is that companies won’t keep perfect pace with all the change that’s evolving in their industry, or in consumer needs and preferences, or in technological advances,” says Harvard Business School Professor Joshua Margolis in the online course Organizational Leadership. “That’s why periodic leaps in how organizations function are required to catch up after lots of small contextual shifts accumulate.”

According to Organizational Leadership, you can categorize organizational change by its:

  • Degree of difficulty: How difficult the change will be to implement within your organization, including how much effort it requires, how easy it’ll be to modify existing practices, how simple it is to understand, and how much of your organization will be involved
  • Nature of the upgrade: The type of upgrade needed to repair your organization’s broken components or pursue new opportunities

Within these categories, you can measure organizational change’s magnitude from adaptive to transformational change.

  • Adaptive changes are small, incremental, and occur gradually over an extended period.
  • Transformational changes have a much larger impact and typically occur dramatically and suddenly rather than incrementally.

Most changes won’t be solely adaptive or transformational but instead occur between the two. It’s vital to learn how to implement changes on both sides of the spectrum—and deliver the brand strategy you have taken time to develop and execute.

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