A Closer Look at Specialized Social Media Content

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Have you ever asked Why can’t I write one message for all my social media channels?

Good question. One of the main reasons we want specialized content is because each social media outlet has its own culture and attitude. We want to fit in.

Let’s look at the top three B2B channels:

Facebook: Social site that has over one billion users worldwide. The Largest opportunity for engagement is communicating with users in a non-intrusive way. With over 58% of users being adults, it’s a must for any business and offers the best advertising platform of any channel
Twitter: Twitter has 560 million active users and its culture is all about quick- hitting messages and joining in on a communal conversation. With a 140 character limit, marketers must be clear and concise to capture a users’ attention.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn has 240 million active users and is the best social media marketing tool for B2B brands. With the opportunity to target users based on job titles, LinkedIn can have a direct impact on your company’s connection with influencers and decision makers.

An understanding of the tone and voice that is expected on the various platforms will increase engagement with your audiences. We can then implement a lead-capturing program and drive users to content that benefits your business.

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