Make Facebook’s Timeline Change Work for You

Mike HardmanSocial Media MarketingLeave a Comment

Facebook announced that it’s changing how content is served up in user news feeds. They’ll start to favor friends and family’s content over publishers. While direct posts from media outlets won’t be at the top of your newsfeed quite as frequently, content that is shared and liked amongst your friends and family will appear.

This means that creating content that engages and is share-worthy becomes even more important. And it was pretty important before this change. How do we do this? Making sure your branding strategy is in place is key. What does your brand stand for?

It also shows how Facebook is honing in on its pay-to-play strategy. If you want your content to break through, you’ll pay for it. So knowing your audience is essential in order to launch a cost effective campaign. (This has always been true but social media previously allowed marketers to cast a wider net.)

All is not lost. We can help! Give us a call to learn about our success stories.

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