Content Marketing: Establish Credibility

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Content marketing, according to the Communication Advertising Marketing Foundation, was 2015’s most important digital marketing trend. As we close out the year, let’s look at this important marketing strategy.

Remember that it is a strategy — or at least it should be. Marketing basics applies here too: what is your brand essence? Who is your audience? How will we measure success? All the facets of a strong overall marketing strategy are required for content to engage the right people. After all, its purpose is to (ultimately) sell a product or service by establishing credibility.

I’ve heard some people lament that there’s just too much out there. They’re overwhelmed by terms like white papers, Tweets, posts, etc. Where do we begin? My answer depends on who you are, what you sell, and who you want to reach. There’s no doubt that content marketing presents some challenges, but so does traditional advertising. (And online content marketing can be significantly more cost effective than traditional media.) With the right strategy, these challenges become opportunities.

If you’re interested in learning how content marketing can help your business, drop me an email or give me a call. We can help.

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