Data Analytics


Data is a critical element in our program development. We remove guesswork and efficiently align resources toward activities that drive growth.


We improve attribution by tracking the customer journey and identifying each touchpoint that a customer encountered along the path to purchase. With a better understanding of how activities and channels work together to nurture a customer, we make more informed decisions as we plan future campaigns.

Campaign optimization

We optimize campaign performance by measuring and testing various elements of a campaign, including messaging, ad layout, and calls to action. “What-if” analysis is used to evaluate likely outcomes of various actions so we can identify how to improve campaigns.

Resource allocation

Analytics can reveal how to optimize resource allocation such as ad spend/media selection/channel selection. You can determine which channels to invest more in and which to cut back on.

Ultimately, we use data analytics to help clients reduce customer acquisition cost.

If you want increased awareness and sales growth, a marketer with 35+ years of experience, and data-driven results,


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