Brand Strategy


The development of a brand strategy requires learning from both internal and external sources.

We will develop a brand map that identifies the unique characteristics of your brand and recommend a strategy to meet your objectives.

Our brand map will include:

BRAND Promise – the unique emotional benefits of the brand

BRAND Value Proposition – when comparing to others, the reason customers buy your brand instead of a competitor

BRAND Archetype – a storytelling mechanism that builds brand consistency

BRAND Personality – distinguishing human qualities or characteristics of the brand

BRAND Positioning – the specific word or benefit in our customers’ mind that reminds them of your brand

BRAND Values – the guiding principles of your brand

BRAND Benefits – the functional/emotional benefits delivered by the brand(s)

BRAND Attributes – measurable features of the brand(s)


Our brand map identifies the associations your brand has with product and service attributes and helps create differentiation in today’s parity marketplace.

If you want increased awareness and sales growth, a marketer with 35+ years of experience, and data-driven results,


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