It Started with 2 Billboards.

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Anyone familiar with the Cleveland Cavaliers is familiar with the team’s star player LeBron James, who will be a free agent at the end of the 2018 season. And if you’ve been paying especially close attention, you know there’s a bit of a billboard war happening. It started with a Philadelphia-based company who commissioned three billboards, all in a row, … Read More

5 Reasons Your Brand Should Consider An Influencer Marketing Campaign

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“Influencer marketing” seems to be on the tip of every marketer’s tongue this year…But what IS influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key, industry leaders to drive your brand’s message. This is often done by using social media, and content marketing. Simply put, It can open up a ton of new opportunities for … Read More

5 Emerging Digital Trends That Will Make A Difference In 2017

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In 2016, we saw numerous ups, downs, and unexpected digital trends. As you kick off 2017, prepare to see some exciting developments that may impact your marketing plans. 1. Live platforms – a new media play Live platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live have emerged over the past couple of years, quickly becoming a popular way to engage with customers. … Read More

Make Facebook’s Timeline Change Work for You

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Facebook announced that it’s changing how content is served up in user news feeds. They’ll start to favor friends and family’s content over publishers. While direct posts from media outlets won’t be at the top of your newsfeed quite as frequently, content that is shared and liked amongst your friends and family will appear. This means that creating content that … Read More

A Closer Look at Specialized Social Media Content

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Have you ever asked Why can’t I write one message for all my social media channels? Good question. One of the main reasons we want specialized content is because each social media outlet has its own culture and attitude. We want to fit in. Let’s look at the top three B2B channels: Facebook: Social site that has over one billion … Read More