Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

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Blogging is easily one of the most important assets to your brand’s inbound marketing strategy, and with the right content, your brand can greatly benefit from blogging’s effects. Blogging works. Let’s take a look at the numbers. Companies nearly double their sales leads by increasing blogging frequency from 3–5 times per month to 6–8 times per month (Hubspot). Websites with … Read More

Data. Beyond the Numbers.

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What do we mean when we say data? For me, it means any and all information we can gather to help us know our audience and the market. Too many times new clients come to me with a list of failed campaigns. They ask what went wrong? What will you do differently? My answer often lies in the data — … Read More

The Differences Between Content, Publicity & Advertising

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I remember the days when it was simple: advertising was coverage you paid for while publicity was coverage you got for free. (And yes, “free.”) Then content marketing came on the scene. Where does that fit in? A lot has been said on the subject, and while there are certainly some overlaps, I find it helpful to keep it simple. … Read More

Make Facebook’s Timeline Change Work for You

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Facebook announced that it’s changing how content is served up in user news feeds. They’ll start to favor friends and family’s content over publishers. While direct posts from media outlets won’t be at the top of your newsfeed quite as frequently, content that is shared and liked amongst your friends and family will appear. This means that creating content that … Read More

A Closer Look at Specialized Social Media Content

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Have you ever asked Why can’t I write one message for all my social media channels? Good question. One of the main reasons we want specialized content is because each social media outlet has its own culture and attitude. We want to fit in. Let’s look at the top three B2B channels: Facebook: Social site that has over one billion … Read More

Brand Semiotics & Audience Design

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Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. In the marketing sense, it looks at how consumers interpret imagery and the relationship that interpretation creates. When you see a gecko, what do you think of? Chances are, you think of the insurance giant Geico. You also, whether consciously or not, think funny, cute. Geico has … Read More

Maintain Brand Authenticity

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Your agency comes to you and says they have a campaign that is “out of the box!” “attention grabbing!” Great! That’s what you want — right? Maybe not. The answer depends on your brand strategy. In an atmosphere where web links serve not to provide good content but to get you to click (an actual tactic called “clickbait”) and single … Read More

Managing the Creative Process

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Many companies out there promise to drive down the cost of doing business. And some probably do. But I think there are some basic steps agencies can take to help keep their projects on time and on budget. Namely, they should develop a strategic brand map. I’ve written at length what a strategic brand map can accomplish for the brand … Read More

Purell: A Case Study In Strategy

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Adweek recently published an article on the PURELL brand’s success. We played a role in its early success, and it’s exciting to see the brand sustain its effectiveness. PURELL’s parent company is GOJO, who produces products for healthy skin and on-the-go hygiene solutions. A privately owned company, GOJO is a global leader in hygiene production and marketing. Our challenge involved … Read More

Will You Keep Your Brand Promise?

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It’s February. Have you kept your New Years resolutions? One resolution we, as brand marketers, need to keep in order to be successful is our brand promise. Last August, I went through the four Brand Attributes, of which your brand promise is one. And it’s an important one. Your promise represents the benefits your brand communicates to your customer. Because … Read More